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Euan Craig, born 1964 in Melbourne Australia, grew up in the historic pottery town of Bendigo in Central Victoria. Due to family illness, his own asthma and wide exposure to the disabled, from an early age Euan addressed questions of existence and social values. As a result, at the age of fourteen he chose Pottery as a career path, not because of what he wanted to do, but because of who he wanted to be. While working part time at local potteries to earn tuition fees, he pursued an education in pottery, finally graduating from the Latrobe University with a BA in Ceramic Design in 1985. Three days after graduation he opened his first Studio Pottery in the Northern Victorian town of Swan Hill.

Influenced by the “Mingei” philosophy from his early career, in particular the healthy and natural beauty of functional art and the life style of potters like Shoji Hamada, Euan sold his pottery in Swan Hill to take up a position as production manager in a pottery in Mashiko, Japan in 1990. During that year he studied Japanese language intensively in his private time. In 1991 he was accepted as an apprentice “Deshi” by Tatsuzo Shimaoka, National Living Treasure. His time there studying the traditional process and the heart of Mingei has influenced his work philosophy ever since. After graduating from Shimaoka’s in 1992, he rented studios in Mashiko until establishing his own pottery there in 1994.

Dedicated to a wholesome and environmentally responsible lifestyle and work process, he developed a 1 cubic metre fast fire “eco” wood kiln practical for a single person production pottery. In 2000 he moved his home and studio to a traditional farmhouse in the neighbouring town of Ichikai, where he lived with his wife and four children until the earthquake and nuclear disaster of 2011. He has now established a new studio and earthquake resistant kiln in a 140 year old farm house in Minakami, Japan.

Euan has held numerous solo and group exhibitions, taught workshops and summer schools and presented at art conferences and forums in Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom and Denmark. He has also written and been featured in many articles for magazines, newspapers, radio and television in Japan, Australia, the United States and Europe. He is a member of the Japan Mingei Association and is recognized internationally as a master of Mashiko Mingei.

Concerning the New Works Exhibition of Euan Craig

Thirteen years have passed since Euan studied under me. I have always been impressed by the devoted bearing with which he tackles his work, and since becoming independent and establishing his own kiln he has developed a variety of innovations, currently concentrating on creating wood fired porcelaineous stoneware with natural ash glazing. The brightness of his fired finish and above all his concentration on ceramics for food, his stance in pursuit of the beauty of function which is useful to people in their everyday lives is superb.

Tatsuzou Shimaoka (Japanese National Living Treasure)

May. 2003


ユアン クレイグの新作展によせて


平成十五年五月吉日   島岡達三 人間国宝

陶芸とは日々の生活の中にある、手に取ることのできる、身近な美術だと思います。 民芸運動の「用の美」を真髄とし、そして「美の用」を求め制作しています。また、「器は使って初めて完成する」を信念としています。







ユアン クレイグ

略陶歴  ユアン  クレイグ

1964 オーストラリア、メルボルンに生まれる

1978 陶芸に出会う

1981 ベンディゴT.A.F.E.カレッジに入学、アート&デザイン専攻、同年卒業

1982 ベンディゴ大学(現 ラトローブ)に入学、陶芸デザイン科専攻

1984 カメル・キルン コンクールにてカメル・キルン賞を受賞

1985 ベンディゴ大学(現 ラトローブ大学)を卒業           

 〝    オーストラリア、スワンヒル市に窯を設け、独立

1990 日本に渡る

1991 島岡達三師の門に入る

1994 栃木県益子町に自分で設計した薪

2000 市貝町に転居、窯築

2011 群馬県みなかみ町に転居

2012 みなかみ町に改良した薪窯を築き、現在に至る


またオーストラリアとアメリカ合衆国にて発行の「Ceramic Art & Perception」、「Ceramics Monthly」などの陶芸雑誌に 記事が数回掲載される。

その他にも国内外の新聞、雑誌、ラジオ、テレビでは「BEGIN Japanology (NHK)」「和風総本家 (テレビ東京系)」    「所さんのニッポンの出番 (TBSテレビ)」などで紹介される。





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